A Vision

Of the Solution of the Cultural Conflict

Between Islam and the Rest of the World






There are two steps.


The first step is the solution of the conflict in Palestine. Now there is a unique historic chance.


In order to grasp it, it will be necessary to let go the concept of the two separate states. It will be necessary to unite the whole territory.

Sharon is doing just that. He will demolish the network of terrorists and after he has accomplished that goal a new order will arise.

Either the Palestinians will get involved into that [and grasp their chance to be a majority in the new common state and to take part in the process of formulating its policy] or they will refuse to take part in it [because out of ideological inflexibility they are unable to see their chance].

If they refuse to get involved, they will have a big problem. Though they will get their separate state, they will starve out in many ways and they will have to tolerate severe surveillance by Israeli police or by an international peace corps.

And then the problem of the divided city, Jerusalem, still remains. Does anyone really think that could work out permanently? Of course the next conflict would then already be pre-programmed.

But if they agree to a common project of course the educational opportunities of the two groups will become more and more alike. Together with the Israelis [and under their leadership – since they live in the land of their dreams] the Palestinians will be able to build up a paradise, and all their neighbours will be envious, and will want to copy their model.

A pluralistically based state of Palestine/Israel indeed would be a blessing for the whole world.



The second step in some way is connected to the first one, because a solution to the conflict around Palestine naturally would bring relaxation and serve as an example for other areas of the cultural conflict.


The concern of the second step is the fight against terrorism. The US already is waging that fight in the name of freedom for every human being.

That second step will demand of the Muslims to rethink their religious positions.

And here again there are the two possibilities, either to accept the challenge or to refuse and to insist on already knowing it all.


To accept the challenge means respect before every human being and every form of human life. That naturally means stopping to divide humanity into believers and unbelievers, because in such a division one person cannot be perceived as such but only as a classified object. That also means stopping to see the Qur’an as the only valid and unsurpassable revelation for all human beings of all times, and it means accepting the fact, that god has many ways to communicate with human beings and that no special instruments or institutions are needed for that.

Accepting the challenge means peace.

Refusing the challenge means war, literally – or a complete isolation of all states, that have not proof of employing all means to prosecute any kind of terror. And that includes the mentioned informational campaigns against the presently inflated view of the Qur’an. The latest Islamic insight already points in that direction, denying the rightfulness of a conjunction between the Sharia and the Qur’an.


Insofar the present cultural conflict has very good prospects, to raise consciousness all over the world, because it can be solved only by a higher awareness.


Both parties must view the situation from a superior perspective, from the perspective of the whole, and draw their conclusions from there, instead of insisting on their worm eye’s view.


Insofar the politics of Sharon will not result in what Sharon probably has in mind, it will not produce a racially clean Israel, but the Jews will have to share all that’s there with the Palestinians.

[Similarly the terrorist acts of bin Laden did not result only in what he had intended, they also did start a process of awareness, that in the future will render positions as that of bin Laden impossible.]

Such is the paradox of history: The will is pushing at something, trying to force it, but the result never meets what was intended, because the original intention always proves to be a mere fantasy from worm’s eye view. It necessarily looses its validity in the perspective of the whole – at last without remorse, as soon as the challenge is accepted.

In case the Islamic world should not accept the challenge, it might get isolated completely and starved out as the Soviet Union was, having to admit its bankruptcy in the end. That is no desirable path.

And, naturally, there cannot be any religious justification of terror, even though exactly that is being tried. In truth terrorism only is a path of stubbornness and paranoia with simultaneous [religiously illusioned] megalomania. There is no real relation to religion. In reality the religious justification of terrorism is a compensation for feeling inferior and at the same time denying that fact and compensating that untruth by a religious fantasy. Instead of realizing the fact of inferiority and go from there to increase one’s value, one believes to already have the highest value possible, because one believes to be in possession of the highest truth and everybody, who does not confess that same dogma would have to be inferior because he would be an unbeliever. It is only logical that such stubborn and unrealistic views can produce only frustration and failure.

Of course it does not feel good to be forced to realize to have got stuck on a rather primitive level of cultural development, because out of being infatuated with an only imaginary religious truth [the belief in the inferiority of all other beliefs], one has not taken notice of the movement the rest of humanity meanwhile has taken.

On the other hand, continuing and cultivating the development of understanding, would not diminish the value of the real religious truth [the “Islam”, which is surrender to the supreme Lord] – of course that development would have to take place within the realm of a higher consciousness, within a deeper insight into reality and into the secrets of the godhead. The horizons will have to open. The whole world will have to be included – including all of the numerous ways to salvation present in the present whole of humanity.

What’s necessary is, to abstain from megalomania, to abstain from believing to be better than anyone else for the sole reason of adhering to a specific system of belief.


Every spiritual way has its own value. Every human being is in contact with the whole, every one in his own way. Therefore tolerance is the topmost value and the only one that legitimately may be enforced by law.

That, naturally, - I say that specifically to the Muslims - depends on trust, on true trust in the one almighty Lord and creator of this world, and along with that trust, logically, the belief that he already has in his “hands” the reins, and that we can build our lives on that base. Without that trust tolerance simply is impossible.

But if tolerance is present, everything else will go by itself, namely the integration into the bigger unity. Islam will not be a danger any more for the rest of the world – and the rest of the world then will be of no danger for Islam. That way integration is possible. Of course I mean a kind of integration that will do no damage to the autonomy and individuality of religious expression that rather will open up the possibilities but in the sense of continuing to develop the Islamic spirit – but now without indoctrination or using politic force, but in freedom.


And that of course is also true for the Jews.

Why should they not get their temple? But, naturally, that will be possible only if they can respect the present realities, the mosque and the churches on the area respectively. These smaller sanctuaries will have to be integrated into the greater sanctuary. Instead of trying to kick out the others, the temple must create unity among the three religions. Only then will it be built – according to nowadays functionx of the “people of god”, which again only can be the functionx of a model, attractive enough for others to imitate. Under such conditions the present sanctuaries on the temple mount might be seen as kinds of forecourts to the inner sanctum of the temple.

Under such conditions the Muslims could respect that inner sanctum of the new temple just as much as the Jews can respect the mosque and the Christian churches. Of course that inner sanctum does not necessarily have to be built on the exact terrestrial spot of the old one, it [and that would be no problem for nowadays construction faculties] could be built high above, possibly above the Dome of the Rock, simultaneously as a symbol of the ascension of the prophet Mohammed to heaven that is said to have taken place on that exact spot. So, that project could be in accord with everyone, with the Christians too, who also could commemorate their own origin at that spot and therefore could choose to see that construction as a symbol of their own.

What a mighty chance for all of humanity!

Even Buddhists and Hindus might then come to that place, to get a very special and intensive experience of what the divine spirit [or – for the Buddhists the emptiness] can bring forth among human beings, to an impressive manifestation of the peace bringing force of the spirit called awareness.

Exactly that might introduce a whole new era of world culture and lead to a blossoming and prosperity of the whole human race unprecedented up to this day.


So I am not an anti-Islamist. But I see that the Muslims probably will have to sacrifice more to that unity than the others. It will not be easy for them, to give up their fancy of superiority. But in our unique historic situation it will become possible through such a vision. Once seen, that image of the ideal solution might stir up the yearning and not stop until the vision is realized. That is my dream and I know its realization is possible.


It is about time for us to create the belief in that possibility, so that the possibility may turn into reality. That way blessing will radiate from the belief.

Up until now beliefs rather seem to be creating disaster. Clearly that cannot be correct. So let’s work towards the blessing and stop working disaster!

We must find to the higher perspective, in which the conflicts already are solved to everybody’s satisfaction. It is there. But it will take much communication, a lot of will to understand, and to loosen up one’s own positions just a little, so that the new perspective can come. It will have to be a perspective of heaven for everyone. The times of excluding each other are over. The world as a whole nowadays is the challenge for everyone.

The challenge is, to build paradise within that whole. Of course the paradise is no Cockaigne. Everything good has to be created by manpower. And that needs cooperation under one spirit, under the spirit of the whole. But all can unite in that spirit, because all religions already revere that spirit of the whole. They only need to open up to a new dimension of it.

How could that project not be a challenge for everyone, a challenge that makes sense, which is rewarding, bringing happiness to us and to all. How could we hope for paradise [including that after death] if we wouldn’t be ready to devote our energy to it? It is impossible. But it will become possible, if we accept the challenge.

So on to work!

Naturally we ourselves need to get the perspective of the whole first, by tuning into it. We must break the hull of megalomania and paranoia. It is enveloping us like the eggshell envelopes the chick. And as the chick is pecking and pressing from inside, so the hen is pressing and pecking from the outside, as soon as the chick is ready to hatch. In our case our discontent concerning the gruesome reality of exploding tension is pecking and pressing inside, and on the outside the spirit of the whole is pressing and pecking, because it wills to be acknowledged. The spirit of the whole on the one hand is producing the situations that have to be solved and on the other it also provides the solutions. And in its solutions everyone will win. There are no losers! Dreams will come true and become reality, at last the eternal dream of paradise.

That is the meaning of nowadays world conflict. Enveloped in such a vision it might become understandable to everyone.


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