Jerusalem's Temple Mount

How People will be Changed by an Image




The image I mean is a model of a project. It will have to be presented over and over again on all channels of TV in the area, Israeli and Arab. It shows the complete conception of the New Temple of the Jews, especially the inner sanctum – constructed high above the Dome of the Rock. It will have to be an architectural masterpiece. It must neither spoil the scenery nor the landscape nor must it disturb in any way the present operations on the Temple Mount – and, of course, it must be terror-proof.

The complete construction will be a symbol of unity among religions – safeguarding their different forms. But it is a symbol in the form of the inner sanctum of the New Temple. All three of the religions will be able to relate to that symbol as to their own origin, even the Muslims, because it will take exactly the space above the Dome of the Rock where the Ascension of their prophet Mohammed took place.


Logically the unity will not come for free. Every one of the three will have to sacrifice some beloved fantasies.

The Israelites will have to let go of their idea of a separate state of the Jews, because only a united Palestine can be the solution – if permanent peace is the goal.

Christians and Muslims will have to let go of some interpretations of their belief.

The Christians for example will have to say good bye to their idea that Jesus is the only proper child of god. They will not have to change anything else, and still gain access to a completely new and at the same time completely authentic and biblical understanding of what Jesus has said and done.

The Muslim will have to let go of their idea, that the Qur’an is the only revelation that is valid till the end of all times, superior to all other revelations and that cannot be surpassed by any unforeseeable circumstances of a new era. That way they will be able to let go of their vice, to stop the times, and jump onto the train, on which the rest of the world already is sitting. They will develop a modern form of Islam, revive the original spirituality, and at the same time use all the possibilities of modern science and technology.

And the Jews will have to realize and accept their modern role as “god’s own people”, destined now to create a symbol of unity such as the image described above – not touching any of the already existing sanctums of the other religions but to include them into their New Temple, like forecourts of the inner sanctum. And of course they will have to welcome the Palestinians again in their country and share with them what is there, naturally on the basis of “one man one vote”. They must trust their role as a model. In exchange they will get the long dreamt of temple and they no longer will need to live in a land with extremely complicated borders and in a divided city. But most important of all they will again find their old functionx: They will be reinstalled as “god’s own people”, and as a model for the whole world.


That way all will profit.


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