The Prohibition of Images in Islam

and the Disastrous Consequences

of Misunderstanding that Commandment


(Oct. 14th 2001)



        The Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan – and they are only one of the known examples out of the wide ranges of “Islamic” subcultures – take themselves for godfearing and for true observers of the commandments of the Koran, because, so they believe, they obey the strict Koranic prohibition of images.

Unfortunately they succumb to a terrible misunderstanding: They believe, the prohibition of images is intended (only) for sensual images. Out of that misunderstanding they destroyed the ancient Buddhist monuments in Afghanistan.

        At the same time though these people lavish care and attention to inner images, to ideas of what, in their view, is godly, and of what, in their view, god will disapprove of (as if they were god himself). In their hypocrisy and arrogance they take themselves for executives of the will of god. In that train of thought they also welcome any kind of terrorism – an attitude that attests to the fact of their inner idolatry, which is brought to life and nourished by nothing but their feeling of extreme inferiority and envy.

        Instead of waging the “jihad” towards themselves as the prophet Mohammed has demanded, namely as an “effort” (that is the literal translation of the Arabic term “jihad”) to overcome their own prejudices (which are the only possibly dangerous idols), they monstrously dare to state, an outward war should be waged against people and nations, that in no way have harmed them personally. Instead of taking on their responsibility for themselves, they hold others responsible for everything that displeases them.

        From the Koran’s point of view the Taliban and similar groups therefore only are very pitiful worshippers of idols, who disguise their idolatry (= that they just pass on their responsibility to others) as “true observance”. So even among the so called “Muslim” (in original Arabic the term “muslim” is reserved for someone who has surrendered to the supreme power and that way has attained to peace), especially among those who consider themselves to be godly in a very deep way, there is an inestimable quantity of arrogant unbelievers, who sat themselves on the throne of god trying to prevent the real “Islam” (= peace by surrendering) by all means, just to be able to keep their self-image of being righteous.

Since they have not the least understanding of the Koranic commandment prohibiting imagery, their Kaaba is filled with idols – and their “Islam” is only pure superstition. We all have seen the horrors that are created by such idolatry.


        But of course we too must stay vigilant, lest we ourselves should fall into idolatry.




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